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New , Luxurious Mairtin Beag button neck sweater.


Merino, Cashmere.

Supersoft luxury feel.


For generations, the wives of Island fishermen knitted Aran workwear for their husbands. A hundred years ago, Máire Cáit, a skilled and imaginative knitter, decided her husband’s workwear should look as special as his Sunday Best. Thanks to his wife’s fine craftwork and distinctive patterns, Máirtín Beag became known as a particularly well dressed man.

Inspired by her imagination and skill, our Limited Edition Máirtín Beag Galánta is an elegant and understated charcoal cashmere blend with a gorgeous soft handle. It features intricate cables with a ribbed cuff and welt, and the high neck finished with three monotone horn buttons with loops creates a stylish yet simple closure.


Made and hand-finished in Aran Islands studio.

Inis Meain New Mairtin Beag

  • S M L XL XXL
    1. Half  Chest 48 cm 52 cm 56 cm 60 cm 64 cm
    2. Length 62.5 cm 64 cm 66 cm 68 cm 70 cm
    3. Sleeve Underarm 46.5 cm 48 cm 49.5 cm 51 cm 51 cm
  • This garment is made using some of nature's most luxurious natural fibres, Cashmere and Extra Fine Merino Wool. This yarn has a characteristic crimp making it susceptible to pilling over time. To protect against pilling do not wear underneath other woolen layers or velcros and do not over-wash. Hand wash in water no more than 30 degrees using a mild detergent. Lay on a flat surface to dry.