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About Us

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Quality Irish textiles. 

From the beginning, we have sourced the work of Individual and small scale makers. We specialise in traditional hand mades from natural fibers (wool and linen).

Above all, we are proud sellers of the work of gifted makers; wearable art to treasure and hand on.



At our core is a love for Irish traditional textile craft. Our vision has always been to be the link between the discerning customers who seek out high quality Irish textiles and those who make them. To represent the best of Irish textiles, the homegrown, the human scale, the sustainable. 



Established in 1936 by Kit Ryan and run by three generations of the Joyce family: herself, her daughter, Kitty Joyce and now her grand-daughters Sarah and Helen. 


Using two extracts from the book: Cleo, Irish Clothes in a wider world by Hillary O’Kelly :


“Cleo is among the oldest surviving family-run shops in the heart of Dublin, for the best part of a century commissioning and selling work that encapsulates the image of Ireland at home and abroad - hand knits and hand weaves.” 


“Cleo clothing has sought not manufactured transience, but rootedness and connection with people, tradition and place. Both merchandise and business relate more to rhythms of life and nature than to the contrived ‘seasons’ of the fashion calendar. Throughout, Cleo’s essence has been the nurturing of relationships, between makers and materials, garments and promotion, business and customers, country and city.” 

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