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Hand knitted Irish wool Aran cardigan Cl


Hand woven silk scarf





.... "I am SO happy that I found this shop the day before I was due to go back home. They have the most beautiful and truly one of a kind sweaters (among other great items). The brands they carry are extremely well made. They also have their Cleo originals that are hand knit from local knitters around Ireland. I love this store so much that it was my first stop back when I returned the following year, and now that I have found their website I am in BIG trouble! :) ..."

Date of experience: August 2019

Brianna Doerr

..." I have never seen any sweaters this beautiful and with the same hand knit quality they’ve maintained all these years. Being a knitter, I know how much time and work goes into creating one. They are worth much more than the cost of buying one and will give warmth and comfort lasting many years!"


Suzanne Mackler

For many years I have collected wearable art from Cleo. The beautiful hand-knit sweaters are the most amazing. It makes me happy that beauty can be found in these everyday objects and that I feel a connection to the artists who conceived them. I am very lucky to own several and each one is special to me. I hope to collect many more!


There are few places in this world where you can find exceptional artwork of this quality and attention to detail. A trip to Cleo is a joy! Sarah, you are the best!!

Mona Szente

Delaplane, Virginia

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