Luxurious hand-woven Irish scarves for women is the signature of Liz Christy’s design.  Liz is a textile-designer and artist with an authentic style that embodies colour and warmth.  All are hand-woven on manual looms. Swallow Studios is her place of work, set in the heart of Ireland, among the green drumlin hills.

Her Monet Collection is inspired by paintings of the Father of Impressionism, Claude Monet, and she translates his use of vivid colour and the dreamlike quality in his paintings, into beautiful Monet designer scarves.


Dimensions: 190cm x 36cm


*Please note that the price stated include VAT. If you are purchasing from a non EU country,  21% VAT will be refunded after purchase.*

Liz Christy scarves

  • Gently handwash or Dry Clean